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The Capri Drive-In is located on US-12, just west of downtown Coldwater in Southwest Michigan. Some of you folks may remember that US-12 was once the main route from Detroit to Chicago, with Coldwater acting as the halfway point. There are many classic sites to see along the way, none more beautiful than the Capri Drive-In, which was built and opened by John (Sr.) and Mary Magocs in the summer of 1964.

Capri Drive-In The Capri utilizes a single, 2-sided ticket booth which provides for 2 entrance lanes into the 2 screen theater lot which can hold about 900 cars. The driveway and the south side median of US-12 act as a holdback area for the dozens of cars that are lined up before the theatre opens. The line has been known to be over 1/2 mile long during the busy summer months! At the ticket booth you will be furnished with one of our flyers which will give you information such as the radio frequencies for each screen and other useful facts and tips.

Once you enter the lot, you will follow the driveways and the illuminated lane markers to your desired parking space for the screen you will be viewing. You will note that the we have recently re-graded the entire lot and have spread a generous layer of quality limestone to keep the field free of mud and airborne dust.

The field was once filled with speaker poles but they were removed once radio sound came into vogue. We found however, that the poles served another valuable function, which is keeping the vehicles spaced out in an orderly, efficient manner that maximizes the line-of-sight to the screen for our patrons. It is for this reason we have added PVC poles as of 2003 to perform this function. We ask that you enter the lot at a safe speed with your lights off. If your vehicle is equipped with automatic running lights we suggest engaging the parking brake a single click which will turn them off. We also ask that larger vehicles please park in the back 2 rows as to not obstruct the view of other patrons.

Screen #1 of the Capri is 150' X 75' Selby tower. The rear of the screen was once the classic aqua blue that most Selby's came with back then, but it was painted red for maintenance purposes and in keeping with the current color scheme of the Capri. This is one of the largest screen towers still in use today.

Screen #2 of the Capri is 80' X 40' steel tower. This screen once served a Detroit-Area drive-in until it was disassembled, shipped to Coldwater, and re-assembled to act as second screen for the Capri in 1986.

Both of our projection rooms utilize new digital projection equipment to produce the brightest picture possible. We offer both AM and FM Stereo sound for both screens. If you do not wish to use the radio in your vehicle, the Capri will provide you with a portable for a small rental fee.

Our snack bar is quite large and there is a 2nd lane available on busy nights to keep things moving along. For the convenience of our patrons and to minimize wait time, many of the food items are self-serve. We have ample staff behind the counter to provide beverages, butter for the popcorn and hot cheese for your nachos. We also have a nice selection of video games and tables for dining in the concession area itself. We serve everything from sandwiches, nachos, pizza, popcorn (of course!) as well as a fine selection of beverages and candy. You can even buy a Capri Drive-In T-shirt or popcorn bucket!

We work hard to keep the Capri looking clean and well-maintained. The restrooms at the Capri are large enough to avoid long lines on busy nights, and are cleaned nightly by our staff. Our goal is to provide the best presentation possible on the screen, delicious top-quality snacks at reasonable prices, and a safe, clean environment for you and your family. This commitment to quality has lead to the Capri being a favorite summer destination for folks throughout the lower half of Michigan, as well as Indiana and Ohio. In fact, the majority of our patrons are from outside of the Branch County area.
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Movies start at sundown.

The sound is broadcast over FM stereo to your car or portable radio. We also rent portable radios for $5.
Radio Frequencies
Screen 1: 89.7 FM
Screen 2: 89.3 FM
Admission is $12.00 for adults, age 5 thru 11 is $5.00 and kids under 5 are free.
Cash Only
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